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Deep breath, here we go…..

I have been thinking about writing this blog for a while now. Today I have decided to stop procrastinating and just get on with it. I am sure that it will be a steep learning curve, as I can barely use the software and I know that I will make mistakes along the way. But that’s how most people learn. I don’t know about anybody else, but I have learned more from my mistakes than I have from my successes.

I may get something right and pick up a few followers and likes along the way. They will be welcome extras, my main reason for writing this blog is to keep a record of my crochet, knit and other yarn related crafts. I’m thinking of it as an online diary that others can see and may enjoy reading. I will be posting links to things that I find inspirational, patterns that I have come across, tutorials I have found helpful, along with bits and pieces about my life.

To help me get started I have set myself a challenge. My challenge is to post content every day for the next seven days and if I reach my goal, I have promised myself a yarny treat. It shouldn’t be difficult to reach my goal, you the reader, know nothing about me yet. Over the next seven days I will tell you a bit about myself each day.

So to start, my name is Nichola and I live in the UK. I am blogging under the name RedcatCrochet. I settled on this name after months of indecision. I had a light bulb moment after reading a magazine article about blogging, the author said to choose a name that reflected who you were or something about your character. So red is my favourite colour, I love cats and crochet is my favourite yarn related craft. I couldn’t believe it when I realised I had wasted months trying to settle on a name! All that angst for 3 little words! The name stuck so quickly that I half expected my friends to start calling me by it. I knew I had got it right when I asked their opinion on the name. Instead of the hesitant “yeah ok I guess” I got a response of “yes, I like it!” So bingo, RedcatCrochet was born.

Tomorrow you will find out just how much I love cats and a little bit more about me. I’m now going to continue with my current wip (work in progress) before making myself some dinner.